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Petrovac at Sea is a small town near Budva. Although small, Petrovac is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Montenegro. Quite a lot of guests visit it during the summerPetrovac hotels period. In fact, Petrovac is located along the bay with a semi-circular shape, and it is known that there are the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. For this reason beaches of Petrovac are always full of guests who come here to swim in clear water and sunbathe in bright sun which they were waiting for during the winter and cold dark days. There is a promenade along the coast in Petrovac which is also one of the most beautiful places on the coast of this land. It goes all the way from city fortress where tourists can climb up and enjoy beautiful view from it to the sea.  Petrovac is very busy during summer. There are a lot of disco clubs, open space clubs, beautiful restaurants where coastal specialties are served. You can order a lot of fish speciaties and seafood which people from continental regions rarely have opportunity to eat.

Hotels in Petrovac

The most common type of accommodation in Petrovac at sea with the highest number of beds are hotels. This is, of course, according to the private accommodation which ishotels in Petrovac also plentiful. Hotels are in various dimensions and categories and they are located all over the town. The most luxurious and the most expensive hotels are located near the coast because all tourists and guests who come here want to be close to the blue sea which they can’t see back home, in their city or village. For many of them it is a real pleasure to watch the sea while they are sitting at the terrace of the apartment or the room which they rented. Hotels in Petrovac can accept large number of people, which is proven by the fact that the population of Petrovac increases ten times during summer because of the tourists and guests which truly is a large number. Some hotels in this town have hundred rooms, but there are also small hotels with a few dozens of rooms or apartments. Where ever you stay you will have nice time in Petrovac at sea.

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